Laboratory Information

NameSK View on WormBase
Allele designationzd
HeadClark, Scott
InstitutionUniversity of Nevada, Reno, NV
Address Biology Department/0314 University of Nevada, Reno 1664 North Virginia Street Reno, NV 89557

Gene classes plr  tln  wly  zag 

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
SK4005 zdIs5 I. C. elegans zdIs5 [mec-4p::GFP + lin-15(+)] I. mec-4::GFP is expressed in touch neurons.
SK85 zag-1(zd85) IV. C. elegans Unc.
SK86 zag-1(zd86) IV. C. elegans Unc.

Alleles contributed by this laboratory

Allele Type DNA Change Protein Change
zd85 Allele substitution nonsense
zd86 Allele substitution nonsense