Laboratory Information

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Allele designationyt
HeadAdrian Streit
InstitutionMax Planck Institute of Developmental Biology, Tuebingen, Germany
Address Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Max-Planck-Ring 9
Tuebingen 72076
Website http://
Gene classes tudr  stal 

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
QA137 tofu-6(yt2) II; ytEx100. C. elegans ytEx100 [mel-47(3245 bp rescuing fragment) + rol-6(su1006)]. Maintain by picking Rollers. Animals which have lost the transgene look wt but are fully penetrant Mel. Mutant embryos arrest with less than 100 cells.
QA269 mel-46(yt5ts) IV; ytEx209. C. elegans ytEx209 contains [pRM8 (mel-46+) + pTG96(sur-5::GFP)]. GFP minus worms are Mel or sterile at 25 C (completely penetrant). Strong but not fully penetrant Mel at 15 C. Culture at 20°C or higher in order not to lose the transgene. To start a yt5 homozygous culture transfer several GFP minus worms to 15°C.
QA273 mel-46(tm1739) IV; ytEx211. C. elegans ytEx211 contains [pRM8(mel-46+) + pTG96(sur-5::GFP)]. Larval lethal. GFP minus worms die or arrest as L4 larvae.

Alleles contributed by this laboratory

Allele Type DNA Change Protein Change
yt2 Allele substitution nonsense