Laboratory Information

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Allele designationcu
HeadPeter G Okkema
InstitutionUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA
Address University of Illinois at Chicago
Room 4060 MBRB (MC567)
900 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago 60607
United States
Gene classes egrh  peb  pyr  zip 

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
OK245 pyr-1(cu8) unc-4(e120)/mnC1 [dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444)] II. C. elegans Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, Dpy Steriles (mnC1 homozygotes), and Unc-4 animals which have a partially penetrant Mel phenotype.
OK257 peb-1(cu9)/dpy-3(e27) unc-2(e55) X. C. elegans Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, DpyUncs, and peb-1(cu9) homozygotes which arrest as larvae with a stuffed pharynx, abnormal hindgut and g1 gland cell morphology, and molting defects.
OK286 pyr-1(cu8) II. C. elegans Partially penetrant Mel.
OK29 cuIs1 V. C. elegans cuIs1 [ceh-22::GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers.
OK39 cuIs2 IV. C. elegans cuIs2 [myo-2c:: GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers.
OK499 ceh-28(cu11) X. C. elegans Stuffed pharynx. Slow growth.
OK66 daf-4(m72) III; cuIs2/+ IV. C. elegans cuIs2 [myo-2c:: GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. daf-4(m72) is a temperature sensitive dauer constitutive mutant. Maintain at 15C. It was problematic to get cuIs2 homozygous in this background. Pick Rollers to maintain.
OK68 cuIs2 IV; daf-3(mgDf90) X. C. elegans Dauer defective. cuIs2 [myo-2c:: GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. [NOTE: this strain was originally described as carrying daf-3(mg90), which is an old name for daf-3(mgDf90).]
OK814 nfyb-1(cu13) II. C. elegans Superficially wild-type. Reference: Milton AC, et al. Dev Biol. 2013 Oct 1;382(1):38-47.
PD8292 ceh-22(cc8266) V/nT1 [unc-?(n754) let-?] (IV;V). C. elegans Heterozygotes are Unc and segregate Uncs, non-Uncs and dead eggs.

Alleles contributed by this laboratory

Allele Type DNA Change Protein Change
cu8 Allele substitution
cu9 Allele deletion
cu11 Allele deletion
cu13 Allele insertion