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Allele designationlb
HeadWolinsky, Eve
InstitutionNew York University Medical School, New York, NY

Gene classes ndg 

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
MP108 ndg-4(lb108) III; bus-1(lb201) V. C. elegans lb108 is inseparable from dpy-17(e164). Brood size is less than 25% of wild type. Eggs display a variable pale color. 70-95% of adults survive overnight incubation with 0.5 ug/ul nordihydroguairetic acid.
MP109 unc-8(lb109) IV. C. elegans Coils. Backs fairly well. The coiling phenotype is semi-dominant.
MP125 unc-8(n491) sup-41(lb125) IV; deg-1(u38) X. C. elegans Animals move sluggishly but are able to back, despite n491. lb125 also partially suppresses the tail touch insensitive phenotype of u38 in cold-sensitive fashion: at 25C -> 0%; at 20C -> 5%; at 15C -> 30%.
MP130 sup-40(lb130)/+ I; unc-8(e15) IV; egl-1(n487) V. C. elegans lb130/+ dominantly suppresses the e15 backing defect and causes recessive sterility. Three phenotypes are present in this strain: backing steriles (lb130 homozygotes), backing fertiles which are bloated (heterozygotes), and non-backing coiled Unc animals which are fertile and bloated (sup-40(+)). Maintain strain by picking fertile animals which can back. egl-1(n487) is included in the strain to facilitate identification of lb130 homozygotes, which grow slowly; their sterility contrasts with the bloating of lb130/+ heterozygotes.
MP140 enu-2(lb140) III. C. elegans Mildly Unc. Adults display progressive vacuolization of body wall muscle. Neither phenotype is suppressed by mec-6(e1342).
MP141 sup-43(lb141) II. C. elegans Allele-specific suppressor of unc-8(e49). lb141 single mutant animals are coiler Uncs. Both suppression of e49 and coiling are recessive.
MP145 unc-8(e15lb145) IV. C. elegans Intragenic unc-8 revertant. Appears wild type. Probable null allele.
MP150 unc-8(e15) IV; lbEx9. C. elegans lbEx9 [R31A1(cosmid) + rol-6(su1006)]. Pick non-Unc Rol to maintain. This strain was obtained by co-injection of plasmid pRF4 and cosmid R13A1 into gonads of unc-8(e15) animals. Reference: Shreffler W, Wolinsky E. Behav Genet. 1997 May;27(3):211-21.
MP151 unc-8(e15) IV; sup-42(lb88) X. C. elegans WT. lb88 is a recessive X-linked suppressor of unc-8 dominant mutations.
MP152 dpy-13(e184) unc-8(e15lb55) IV. C. elegans Dpy.
MP153 unc-8(n491) IV; sup-42(lb88) X. C. elegans WT.
MP154 unc-8(e15) IV; egl-15(n484) sup-42(lb88) X. C. elegans Egl. Unc slightly suppressed; the animals will usually back some. [unc-8(e15); egl-15(n484) animals are extremely Unc and will not back.]
MP155 sup-43(lb141) II; unc-8(e49) IV. C. elegans Animals have nearly WT movement. lb141 is an allele-specific recessive suppressor of e49.
MP82 unc-8(n491lb82) IV. C. elegans WT. n491lb82/++ trans heterozygotes coil and back very poorly.
MP84 dpy-5(e61) mec-6(lb84) I; unc-8(n491) IV. C. elegans Dpy.
MP88 sup-42(lb88) X. C. elegans WT.

Alleles contributed by this laboratory

Allele Type DNA Change Protein Change
lb108 Allele
lb201 Allele
lb109 Allele
lb125 Allele
lb130 Allele
lb140 Allele
lb141 Allele
lb145 Allele
lb88 Allele
lb55 Allele
lb82 Allele substitution
lb84 Allele