Laboratory Information

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Allele designationsrh
HeadMarc Vermulst
InstitutionUniversity of Southern California, Los Angeles CA
Address University of Southern California
Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
3715 McClintock Ave
Los Angeles 90089-0191
United States
Gene classes

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
MV1 polg-1(srh1)/mnC1[dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444) nIs190 let-?] II C. elegans [This strain is not available to order. The strain accumulates mitochondrial defects even as a het, and is not suitable for long-term propagation.] The homozygous polg-1(srh1) allele is sterile and the worms are non fluorescent. The homozygous balancer strain is lethal. The heterozygote strain has a fluorescent pharyngeal bulb. Pick heterozygotes to maintain the strain. Over multiple generations the strain accumulates mitochondrial DNA mutations. It is best to outcross the polg-1(srh1) allele using males into a hermaphrodite that has wildtype mitochondrial DNA. The behavioral phenotypes and mitochondrial dysfunction starts around 15 generations of carrying the mutant polymerase and plateaus at around 30 generations.
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