Laboratory Information

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Allele designationean
HeadAndersen, Erik
Institution Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Address Northwestern University, Dept. Molecular Biosciences
Hogan 1-500
2205 Tech Dr
Evanston 60208
United States
Gene classes

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
ECA1100 C. oiwi wild isolate C. oiwi This is the type isolate for Caenorhabditis oiwi, which reproduces sexually using males and females. It was collected in August of 2017 from the Island of Oahu, Hawaii (21.33611°N, -157.7999°W) where it was isolated from a cluster of freshly fallen flowers. ECA1100 has been isogenized by transferring a single mating pair of siblings to a fresh plate for 10 successive generations.
QG1 qgIR1 (X, CB4856>N2) X. C. elegans qgIR1 (X, CB4856>N2, haw102573 to 4,822,488) X. The strain is a nearly isogenic line that carries the CB4856 version of npr-1 in an otherwise N2 genetic background. NIL derived from RIAIL QX58 linked then unlinked to mec-2 from CB3273 lon-2 mec-2, then backcrossed to lon-2 for 12 generations selecting nonLon worms, then homozygosed. Genotyped N2 at pkP6106 and pkP6145. Based on QG613 sequencing, interval is from X:4,754,307-4,864,273.
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