Variation Information: op244

Nameop244 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionI:-2.88 +/- 0.000 cM
Genomic positionI: 3698840..3699568
Protein changeH26D21.1 Deletion

Strains carrying this variation

Strain Genotype Species Description
WS2265 hus-1(op244) I/hT2 [bli-4(e937) let-?(q782) qIs48] (I;III). C. elegans Heterozygotes are WT GFP+ and segregate non-glowing hus-1 homozygotes and very rare homozygous hT2 glowing animals, and dead eggs. qIs48 is an insertion of ccEx9747 with markers: myo-2::GFP expressed brightly in the pharynx throughout development, pes-10::GFP expressed in embryos, and gut promoter driving GFP in the intestine. hus-1(op244) mutants from homozygous parents show an incompletely penetrant maternal effect embryonic lethality. Note: qIs48 has been observed to recombine off hT2, typically leaving behind a functional homozygous viable hT2 with Bli-4 phenotype.