Variation Information: it145

Nameit145 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionII:0.95 +/- 0.000 cM
Genomic positionII: 8993564..8993564
Protein changeC18E9.11a C18E9.11b Substitution

Strains carrying this variation

Strain Genotype Species Description
KK696 ooc-5(it145) unc-4(e120)/mnC1 [dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444)] II. C. elegans Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, DpyUncs and Sterile Uncs. it145 is a recessive mutation that results in multiple rows of small oocytes instead of a single row of normal size oocytes. it145 is a recessive maternal effect lethal mutation: hermaphrodites produce embryos that fail to hatch - the embryos exhibit a partial defect in P0 nuclear rotation and a strong defect in P1 nuclear rotation; PAR proteins are mislocalized in P1.