Variation Information: ks52

Nameks52 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionII:1.10 +/- 0.000 cM
Genomic positionII: 9296655..9297713
Protein change Deletion

Strains carrying this variation

Strain Genotype Species Description
FK163 cam-1(ks52) II. C. elegans Deletion of the tyrosine kinase domain of kin-8. Partial Daf-c especially on an old lawn of E. coli. Reduced daf-7 expression in ASI. Dye-filling defective in ASI. Abnormal ASI cell position. 10-20% of animals show withered (Wit) tail phenotype or defects in elongation or migration of posterior gonad. Previously called kin-8.