Variation Information: ay38

Nameay38 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionIII:-0.85 +/- 0.000 cM
Genomic positionIII: 6980381..6980381
Protein changeF31E3.1 Substitution

Strains carrying this variation

Strain Genotype Species Description
BW2063 ceh-20(ay38) unc-36(e251) III; svDp1 (III;f). C. elegans May have unc-4(e120) mutation in background. svDp1 balances from pal-1 through unc-36 on III. svDp1 made by fusing array containing [unc-4(+) + sur-5::GFP] to sDp3(III;f).
NH2552 ceh-20(ay38) unc-36(e251)/sma-3(e491) unc-36(e251) III. C. elegans Heterozygotes are Unc and segregate Unc, SmaUnc and larval lethals. Putative null allele.