Transgene Information

NamepgIs2 View on WormBase
Description[gcy-8p::TU#813 + gcy-8p::TU#814 + unc-122p::GFP + gcy-8p::mCherry +gcy-8p::GFP + ttx-3p::GFP]

Strains carrying this transgene

Strain Genotype Species Description
GN112 pgIs2. C. elegans pgIs2 [gcy-8p::TU#813 + gcy-8p::TU#814 + unc-122p::GFP + gcy-8p::mCherry + gcy-8p::GFP + ttx-3p::GFP]. TU#813 and TU#814 are split caspase vectors (Chalfie Lab) subcloned downstream of the gcy-8 promoter. Expression of GFP in coelomocytes and AIY neuron, and mCherry in AFD neuron when caspase activity is lost. Reference: Glauser DA, et al. Genetics. 2011 May;188(1):91-103.