Transgene Information

NameoxIs22 View on WormBase
Description[unc-49p::unc-49::GFP + lin-15(+)]

Strains carrying this transgene

Strain Genotype Species Description
EG1653 oxIs22 II. C. elegans oxIs22 [unc-49p::unc-49::GFP + lin-15(+)]. Psoralen integration of oxEx129 [unc-49Bp(long)::GFP + lin-15(+)]. Dorsal and ventral.
ZM4864 daf-2(e1370) III; oxIs22. C. elegans oxIs22 [unc-49p::unc-49::GFP + lin-15(+)]. Temperature-sensitive Daf-c. GFP punctae are relatively normal in dauers. Maintain at 15C. Reference: Hung WL, et al. EMBO J. 2013 Jun 12;32(12):1745-60.