Transgene Information

NameolaEx1004 View on WormBase
Description[F25B3.3p::egl-15(5A) + unc-122p::GFP]

Strains carrying this transgene

Strain Genotype Species Description
DCR1690 cima-1(wy84) IV; egl-15(n484) wyIs45 X; olaEx1004. C. elegans wyIs45 [ttx-3p::GFP::rab-3 + unc-122p::RFP] X. olaEx1004 [F25B3.3p::egl-15(5A) + unc-122p::GFP]. Maintain by picking animals with GFP expression in coelomocytes. olaEx1004 does not rescue egl-15(n484) suppression of cima-1 AIY presynaptic defects. Reference: Shao Z, et al. Cell. 2013 Jul 18;154(2):337-50.