Transgene Information

NamebvIs2 View on WormBase
Description[ric-19p::age-1(cDNA)::myc::unc-54 3'UTR + mec-7::GFP]

Strains carrying this transgene

Strain Genotype Species Description
CY251 sqt-1(sc13) age-1(mg44) II; bvIs2. C. elegans bvIs2 contains [ric-19p::age-1(cDNA)::myc::unc-54 3'UTR + mec-7::GFP]. sqt-1(sc13) causes recessive left-handed rollers. bvIs2 rescues mg44 dauer arrest and partially rescues mg44 longevity. Array can be detected by PCR (Fwd: 5'-GCA CAG TTT TAC GAA AGG AAC-3' / Rev: 5'-ACC ATC GTT TGC AGT TGT GG-3'). Reference: Iser WB, Gami MS, Wolkow CA. Dev Biol. 2007 Mar 15;303(2):434-47.