Transgene Information

NameieSi1 View on WormBase
Description[Phtp-3::gfp::him-8; unc-119(+)]

Strains carrying this transgene

Strain Genotype Species Description
CA756 ieSi1 II; ltIs37 IV. C. elegans ieSi1 [htp-3p::GFP::him-8 + unc-119(+)] II. ltIs37 [pie-1p::mCherry::his-58 + unc-119(+)] IV. ieSi1 is prone to silencing; GFP might not be visible at lower magnifications. [NOTE: the ltIs37 [pie-1p::mCherry::his-58 + unc-119(+)] IV transgene was previously annotated as itIs37 in this strain. The correct name of the transgene is ltIs37 and not itIs37.] Reference: Wynne DJ, et al. J Cell Biol. 2012 Jan 9;196(1):47-64.