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Strain Species Genotype
ZX2604 C. elegans sng-1(ok234) X; zxIs127. Show Description
zxIs127 [sng-1p::SNG-1::CRY2olig(535) + myo-2p::mCherry]. Strain should be kept in the dark; it is very light-sensitive. Pan-neuronal expression of a truncated variant of Arabidopsis thaliana Cryptochrome-2 fused to synaptogyrin. If illuminated with blue light, synaptic vesicles cluster, resulting in inhibition of synaptic transmission. Synaptic transmission is restored within 15 minutes in the absence of light (ca. 6.5min time constant), resulting in normal wild type behavior afterwards. Reference: Vettkotter D, et al. Nat Commun 13, 7827 (2022). PMID: 36535932