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Strain Species Genotype
AH159 C. elegans sra-13(zh13) II. Show Description
sra-13(zh13) mutants display stronger chemotaxis to limiting concentrations of isoamylalcohol and diacetyl than WT animals. Deletion allele. 396 bp of 5' promoter sequence and all but the last exon are removed; probably a null allele.
AH5059 C. elegans let-23(zh131[FRT::let-23::FRT::GFP::LoxP::FLAG::let-23]) II. Show Description
CRISPR allele of endogenous let-23, which expresses let-23::GFP fusion protein and is susceptible for conditional knock-out via incorporated FRT sites with FLPase expression. Reference: Konietzka et al. 2019. Current Biology (accepted).