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Strain Species Genotype
FT1310 C. elegans avr-14(ad1302) I; xnSi31 II; unc-119 (ed3) III; glc-1(pk54::Tc1) avr-15(ad1051) V. Show Description
xnSi31 [sec-8::mCherry + unc-119(+)] II. Expresses sec-8::mCherry maternally and zygotically. Expression is present in many cells, including early embryos, epithelial cells, the excretory cell, and the germ line. Transgene was inserted by MosSCI into ttTi5605 excision site. Derived from WM186. Reference: Armenti ST, Chan E, Nance J. Dev Biol. 2014 Aug 4. pii: S0012-1606(14)00355-8.