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Strain Species Genotype
HW1870 C. elegans lin-41(xe8)/lin-41(bch28[eft-3p::gfp::h2b::tbb-2 3'UTR] xe70) I. Show Description
Pick GFP+, Egl to maintain. Segregates GFP- lin-41(xe8) homozygotes (die by vulval bursting as young adults), lin-41(xe8)/lin-41(bch28[eft-3p::gfp::h2b::tbb-2 3'UTR] xe70) heterozygotes (GFP+, Egl), and lin-41(bch28[eft-3p::gfp::h2b::tbb-2 3'UTR] xe70) (GFP+, Ste, Dpy). lin-41(xe8) is a deletion of let-7 binding sites in the lin-41 3'UTR. The balancer was derived from lin-41(bch28), a lin-41(0) allele in which an expression cassette that drives ubiquitous nuclear GFP from the eft-3 promoter has been inserted into the lin-41 coding sequence (Katic et al., G3 (2015) 5:1649-56). References: Katic et al., G3 (2015) 5:1649-56 for lin-41(bch28) starting allele for balancer generation. Aeschimann F, et al. (2019). A single let-7 target to coordinate transition to adulthood. Life Science Alliance 2, e201900335. for balanced line. Do not distribute this strain; other labs should request it directly from the CGC. This strain cannot be distributed to commercial organizations. This strain cannot be used for any commercial purpose or for work on human subjects.