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Strain Species Genotype
TV28593 C. elegans bmdSi339 I; bmdSi297 II; arx-2(wy1815[arx-2::AID::mNG]) qyIs225 V; lam-2(qy20[lam-2::mNG]) X. Show Description
bmdSi339 [loxN::lin-29p::FLP::p2A::H2B::2xmTurq2] I. bmdSi297 [loxN::rpl-28p::FRT3::STOP::FRT3::TIR1(F79G)::T2A::DHB::2xmKate2] II. qyIs225 [cdh-3p::mCherry::moeABD] V. AID and mNG tags inserted into endogenous arx-2 locus. mNG tag inserted into endogenous lam-2 locus. Wild-type growth and movement. Reference: Xiao Y, et al. Genetics. 2023 PMID: 36722258.