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Strain Species Genotype
JDW313 C. elegans jsSi1579; wrdSi58 II. Show Description
wrdSi58 [eft-3p::TIR1::F2A::mTagBFP2::AID*::NLS::tbb-2 3'UTR] (II:0.77). Pan-somatic expression of TIR1 co-factor for AID, and expression of AID-tagged blue protein in somatic nuclei. jsSi1579 is an RMCE landing pad inserted at a sgRNA site 45 bp from the ttTi5605 insertion site. It contains an rpl-28p::GFP reporter flanked by FRT and FRT3 sites and a loxP site (for more details about landing pads, see Nonet, 2020.Genetics or visit Reference: Vo AA, et al. MicroPubl Biol. 2021 Aug 3;2021:10.17912/micropub.biology.000425. doi: 10.17912/micropub.biology.000425. eCollection 2021. PMID: 34355140