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Strain Species Genotype
JLF238 C. elegans tpxl-1(wow34[ZF::GFP::3xFlag::tpxl-1]) I; zif-1(gk117) III. Show Description
ZF-degron, GFP, and 3xFLAG tags inserted into endogenous tpxl-1 locus. No overt phenotypes in a zif-1(gk117) background. GFP expression is observed in microtubules. Presence of ZF-degron targets tagged proteins for ZIF-mediated degradation. Expression of ZIF-1 causes the tagged TPXL-1 protein to be degraded. Reference: Magescas J, et al. eLife. 2019 Jun 27;8:e47867. doi: 10.7554/eLife.47867. PMID: 31246171.