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Strain Species Genotype
ABR156 C. briggsae Cbr-she-1(v35) IV; mfIs42. Show Description
mfIs42 [Cel-sid-2(+) + Cel-myo-2::dsRed]. Maintain at 15C. Feminization is partially-penetrant at 15C; most hermaphrodites are somewhat self-fertile and can lay small broods. Can be maintained by crossing with male siblings. Feminized C. briggsae strain made susceptible to RNAi knock-down by feeding dsRNA due to the transgenic expression of C. elegans SID-2. Generated by crossing parental strains JU1018 with RE665. Reference: Booth LN, eLife 2019 Jul 8;8:e46418. PMID: 31282863.
DV3525 C. elegans daf-15(re257[daf-15::mNG::AID]) IV. Show Description
mNeonGreen tag inserted at 3' end of endogenous daf-15 locus; AID at 3' end of mNeonGreen. Ubiquitous expression. Transgene can be degraded in a background expressing TIR1 co-factor and supplemented with auxin.