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Strain Species Genotype
CGC38 C. elegans umnIs27 III. Show Description
umnIs27 [myo-2p::GFP + NeoR, III: 8856215 (intergenic)] III. Derived by insertion of myo-2p::GFP transgene into parental strain N2 using CRISPR/Cas9.
PD2220 C. elegans ccTi1594 umnIs27 III. Show Description
ccTi1594 [mex-5p::GFP::gpr-1::smu-1 3'UTR + Cbr-unc-119(+), III: 680195] III. umnIs27 [myo-2::GFP + NeoR, III: 8856215 (intergenic)] III. GFP expression in germline and GFP expression in pharynx. High penetrance of non-Mendelian inheritance. Neomycin resistant. The GPR-1 overexpression transgene consistently confers a high penetrance of non-Mendelian inheritance; fluorescent markers allow tracking of Mendelian and non-Mendelian events. The genomic location of ccTi1594 is with respect to the WEBcel235 assembly.