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Strain Species Genotype
UDN100126 C. elegans rab-5(udn64)/tmC18 [dpy-5(tmIs1236)] I; udnSi38 II. Show Description
udnSi38 [rab5p::rab-5] II. Maintain at 20 degrees. rab-5 [D135N] variant edit #2 with a single copy of wild-type rab-5 integrated into chromosome II at ttTi5605 site (II: 0.77). Homozygous lethal rab-5 [D135N] mutation balanced by tmC18. Balancer marked with myo-2p::mCherry. Heterozygotes are WT with pharyngeal mCherry fluorescence, and segregate mCherry + heterozygotes, non-mCherry rab-5 [D135N] homozygotes (L1 lethal), and Dpy mCherry+ tmC18 homozygotes. Pick fertile wild-type mCherry+ to maintain. [D135N]/ [D135N]; udnSi38/udnSi38 double homozygotes are lethal. Reference: Huang et al. 2022. PMID: 35121658