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Strain Species Genotype
AUM1863 C. elegans sart-3(tm15993)/tmC9 [F36H1.2(tmIs1221)] IV. Show Description
Homozygous lethal deletion balanced by tmC9 [F36H1.2(tmIs1221[myo-2p::Venus])]. Heterozygotes are wild-type Venus+ in pharynx, and segregate wild-type Venus+ heterozygotes, non-Venus Sterile (tm15993 homozygotes), and Venus+ Mec Unc (tmC9 homozygotes). Pick viable fertile Venus+ animals and check for correct segregation of progeny to maintain. 93% of tm15993 homozygotes die before adulthood and those that escape are sterile. Reference: Furuta T & Arur S. 2023. sart-3 functions to regulate germline sex determination in C. elegans. microPublication Biology. PubMed ID: 37206989.