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Strain Species Genotype
MT9455 C. elegans tbh-1(n3247) X. Show Description
n3247 is a 791 bp deletion which results in a truncated TBH-1 protein. Hypersensitive to 5-HT. Reduced locomotion rate.
RB1161 C. elegans tbh-1(ok1196) X. Show Description
H13N06.6 Homozygous. Outer Left Sequence: aagcaggatcaggagcacat. Outer Right Sequence: atgagaagtgccgttgctct. Inner Left Sequence: catgtcattgatggctggac. Inner Right Sequence: gaacgccagttggttgattt. Inner Primer PCR Length: 2851. Estimated Deletion Size: about 850 bp. 12/2004: From Laura DiCaprio: The deletion is 981 base pairs from X: 15500754 - 15501734. Attribution: This strain was provided by the C. elegans Gene Knockout Project at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, which was part of the International C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use. Paper_evidence WBPaper00041807
MT9971 C. elegans nIs107 III. Show Description
nIs107 [tbh-1::GFP + lin-15(+)] III. GFP expression in RIC. Reference: Alkema MJ, et al. Neuron. 2005 Apr 21;46(2):247-60.
OH16150 C. elegans nIs107 III; zfIs10 IV. Show Description
nIs107 [tbh-1::GFP] III. zfIs10 [tdc-1::mCherry] IV. RIC neurons are marked with both GFP and mCherry.
PHX7786 C. elegans tbh-1(syb7786[tbh-1::SL2::GFP::H2B]) X. Show Description
Endogenous tbh-1 locus tagged by CRISPR/Cas9-engineering. Reference: Wang C, et al. bioRxiv 2023.12.24.573258; doi:
PS9229 C. elegans syIs748; syIs300. Show Description
syIs748 [tbh-1p::NLS::GAL4(sk)::VP64::let-858 3'UTR + unc-122p::RFP + 1kb DNA ladder (NEB)] cGAL driver for RIC neurons. syIs300 [15xUAS::(delta)pes-10::GFP::let-858 3'UTR + ttx-3p::RFP + 1kb DNA ladder(NEB)] is a GFP cGAL effector. Some worms do not express ttx-3p::RFP marker, but will consistently produce worms with the transgenic marker in next generation.