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Strain Species Genotype
GE2941 C. elegans unc-32(e189) let-(t1446)/qC1 [dpy-19(e1259) glp-1(q339)] III; him-3(e1147) IV. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, DpySteriles and Uncs which give only dead eggs. This strain was mistakenly called emb-30 in the paper; it is not an emb-30 allele.
MT1446 C. elegans her-1(n695) V. Show Description
n695 XX animals are variably masculinized. Can be maintained as homozygous self-fertile hermaphrodite strain. n695 XO animals are WT males. n695 is weakly temperature sensitive: at 15C some XX animals are WT.