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Strain Species Genotype
PHX649 C. elegans fat-6(syb649[fat-6::GFP]) IV. Show Description
GFP tag inserted into endogenous fat-6 locus using Crispr/Cas9. fat-6::GFP expression in intestine and hypodermis. No obvious phenotype, but the fat-6 locus is likely inactive in this strain. Reference: Bodhicharla R, et al. Genetics. 2018 Sep;210(1):189-201.
PHX6499 C elegans unc-75(syb6499[gfp::unc-75]) I. Show Description
GFP tag inserted at the N-terminus of the endogenous unc-75 locus by CRISPR. Pan-neuronal nuclear expression of GFP. Allele generated by SUNY Biotech. Please contact Oliver Hobert prior to publishing work using this strain.