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Strain Species Genotype
OH17294 C. elegans npr-37(syb4440[npr-37::SL2::GFP::H2B]) IV; otIs669 him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
CRISPR/Cas9 engineered tagged endogneous locus. Him. See description of strain OH15262 for full description of otIs669 NeuroPAL (Neuronal Polychromatic Atlas of Landmarks) transgene (Yemini E, et al. Cell. 2021 Jan 7;184(1):272-288.e11. PMID: 33378642). Reference: Cros C & Hobert O. bioRxiv 2022.04.19.488792; doi:
PHX4440 C. elegans npr-37(syb4440[npr-37::SL2::GFP::H2B]) IV. Show Description
GFP tag inserted at the C-terminus of the endogenous npr-37 locus by CRISPR. Allele generated by SUNY Biotech. Please contact Oliver Hobert prior to publishing work using this strain.