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Strain Species Genotype
VZ892 C. elegans hlh-30(syb1452 [hlh-30::3xFLAG::eGFP]) IV. Show Description
3xFLAG and eGFP tags inserted into the endogenous hlh-30 locus. Superficially wild-type. Diffuse GFP in basal growing conditions and strong nuclear labeling upon diverse stresses like starvation, Staphylococcus aureus infection, arsenite, diethylmaleate, heat shock or levamisole. GFP expression is only visible at high magnification; not discernible with a fluorescence stereoscope. Insertion can be detected by PCR. Forward primer sequence: 5' acgcacgcaactgcttta; Reverse primer (in 3'UTR): 5' aataacctgcgattctgg; Reverse primer (in eGFP): CTTGAAGAAGATGGTACGCTC. Expected products (For&Rev 3'UTR): 910 bp (WT)/1878 bp (syb1452). Expected products (For&Rev eGFP): no band (WT)/811 bp (syb1452). Insertion allele generated by SunyBiotech and out-crossed twice with VZ Lab N2. Reference: Martina JA, et al. EMBO J. 2021 Feb 1;40(3):e105793