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Strain Species Genotype
MT2056 C. elegans sup-10(n983) X. Show Description
Class 3 (neomorphic) allele. Uncoordinated, rubberband paralysis like unc-93(e1500). Suppressed by intragenic revertants and unc-93 alleles.
MT725 C. elegans unc-93(e1500) III; sup-10(n183) X. Show Description
MT5519 C. elegans sup-9(n1550n2174) II; sup-10(n983) X. Show Description
Weak Rubberband.
TY788 C. elegans lin-15B&lin-15A(n765) sup-10(n983) X. Show Description
Animals are Muv and Unc at 20C and 25C. At 15C the animals are Unc. Temperature sensitive Muv phenotype. See also WBPaper00001990.
MT3497 C. elegans dpy-17(e164) sup-18(n1014) III; sup-10(n983) X. Show Description
Animals are Dpy non-Unc.
MT3589 C. elegans sup-9(n1435) lin-31(n301) II; sup-10(n983) X. Show Description
Non-rubberband. Muv.
MT6015 C. elegans unc-93(n2334) dpy-17(e164) III; sup-10(n983) X. Show Description
n2334 suppresses n983. Dpy.
MT3964 C. elegans sup-9(n1550) II; lin-15B&lin-15A(n765) sup-10(e2127) X. Show Description
n765 is temperature-sensitive Muv. Loss-of-function of sup-10(e2127) suppresses the sup-9(n1550) Rubberband mutation.
SP797 C. elegans unc-3(e151) osm-1(p808) X; mnDp13 (X;f). Show Description
WT phenotype. Segregates Uncs which are Osm. [Osm phenotype checked 2/94.] mnDp3[sup-10(mn338)] and mnDp13 are the same. mnDp13 was derived from mnDp3 as lacking sup-10(+). It is not known if mnDp3 picked up a mutation in sup-10 or if the end of mnDp3 was shortened.