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Strain Species Genotype
MAH677 C. elegans sid-1(qt9) V; sqIs71. Show Description
sqIs71 [rgef-1p::GFP + rgef-1p::sid-1]. Pan-neuronal expression of sid-1 driven by the rgef-1 promoter. Expression remains neuron-specific until at least Day 10. Animals respond to feeding RNAi against gfp and neuronal genes snb-1 and unc-13. In contrast, animals are resistant to phenotypes induced by feeding RNAi constructs targeting non-neuronal genes pept-1, unc-112, bli-1 and die-1. Reference: Yang Y, et al. Nat Aging 2024 Jan 4. doi: 10.1038/s43587-023-00548-1. PMID: 38177330. MAH677 effectively replaces strain TU3401 sid-1(pk3321) uIs69 [pCFJ90 (myo-2p::mCherry) + unc-119p::sid-1] V., which was found to show RNAi response in non-neuronal tissues.