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Strain Species Genotype
CS1 C. elegans sma-9(wk55) X. Show Description
Small body size. Crumpled spicules. Male ray 8-9 fusion.
CS67 C. elegans sma-9(qc3) X. Show Description
Small body size. Crumpled spicules. Male ray 8-9 fusion.
LW478 C. elegans sma-9(tm572) X. Show Description
VC1183 C. elegans sma-9(ok1628) X. Show Description
T05A10.1. External left primer: AACCATCATGAAAGGCCAAG. External right primer: TTGTTGCGACAGATACGGAG. Internal left primer: CCAGGGAACAATCAGCAAGT. Internal right primer: TGCTCCTGACCAAACTTGAA. Internal WT amplicon: 2299 bp. Deletion size: 1100 bp. Deletion left flank: AGCTGGAATGACTTCAAGAACTCATCGTAC. Deletion right flank: GTGGTCGTGGGCGTGGAAGATATATTTGTG. Attribution: This strain was provided by the C. elegans Reverse Genetics Core Facility at the University of British Columbia, which is part of the international C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use. Paper_evidence WBPaper00041807
LW2367 C. elegans arIs37 I; sma-9(cc604) X. Show Description
arIs37 [myo-3p::ssGFP + dpy-20(+)] I. myo-3p::ssGFP is a secreted GFP that is taken up by coelomocytes. Reference: Tian et al. (2010) Development 137(14):2375-84.
LW5558 C. elegans sma-4(jj278) III. Show Description
sma-4(jj278) worms are small, and the mutation can suppress the sma-9(0) loss of M-derived coelomocyte defect. sma-4(jj278) is a true molecular null allele of sma-4; the 3,556 bp deletion (position: Chromosome III: 5,816,203….5,819,759) removes almost the entire coding region of sma-4. Reference: McKillop AN, et al. (2018). A new deletion allele of sma-4. microPublication Biology.
OP130 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; wgIs130. Show Description
wgIs130 [sma-9::TY1::EGFP::3xFLAG(92C12) + unc-119(+)]. TY1::EGFP::3xFLAG tag inserted in frame at C-terminus of coding sequence by recombineering. Expression of transgene confirmed by GFP. References: Sarov, M, et al. Nat Methods (2006) 10:839-44. Gerstein MB, et al. Science. 2010 Dec 24;330(6012):1775-87. Strain was constructed as part of the Regulatory Element Project, part of modENCODE (
RW10745 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; zuIs178 V; stIs10024; stIs10698. Show Description
zuIs178 [his-72(1kb 5' UTR)::his-72::SRPVAT::GFP::his-72 (1KB 3' UTR) + 5.7 kb XbaI - HindIII unc-119(+)]. stIs10024 [pie-1::H2B::GFP::pie-1 3' UTR + unc-119(+)]. stIs10698 [sma-9.k::H1-wCherry + unc-119(+)].
RW11365 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; stIs11363. Show Description
stIs11363 [sma-9::H1-Wcherry + unc-119(+)].
RW11368 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; stIs11368. Show Description
stIs11368 [sma-9::H1-wCherry + unc-119(+)].
SD1556 C. elegans ccIs4251 I; stIs10716. Show Description
ccIs4251 [(pSAK2) myo-3p::GFP::LacZ::NLS + (pSAK4) myo-3p::mitochondrial GFP + dpy-20(+)] I. stIs10716 [sma-9gp::HIS-24::mCherry + unc-119(+)]. Reference: Liu, X, et al., Cell (2009).