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Strain Species Genotype
HR973 C. elegans unc-101(m1) tba-2(sb27) I. Show Description
MSB273 C elegans syIs423 V; mirIs19. Show Description
syIs423 [15xUAS::?pes-10::GCaMP6s::SL2::mKate2::let-858 3'UTR + myo-2p::NLS::mCherry + 1kb DNA ladder(NEB)]. mirIs19 [nlp-12p::gal-4 + unc-122p::mCherry]. Maintain animals at 25C for several generations to enhance mKate expression in DVA to make it visible with a fluorescence dissection scope. Reference: Das R, et al. Sci Adv. 2021 Sep 17;7(38):eabg4617. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abg4617. PMID: 34533987