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Strain Species Genotype
JT10189 C. elegans daf-14(m77) IV; scd-2(sa935) V. Show Description
Daf-c strongly but not completely suppressed; some dauers visible at 25C. sa935 alone is moderate Daf-d (dauer defective) in plate starvation assays, and resistant to exogenous dauer pheromone. sa935 confers strong suppression of daf-8 and daf-14, weak suppression of daf-1, -4, -7. scd-2(sa935) single mutant looks WT. snb-1(md247) hypomorph is an excellent balancer for scd-2; snb-1 is immediately neighboring. Maintain at 15 degrees.
JT10783 C. elegans scd-2(sa935) V; lin-15B&lin-15A(n765) X; saEx472. Show Description
saEx472 [(pTJ1369) scd-2(+) + lin-15(+)]. Pick wildtype worms, maintain at 25 degrees (non-transgenics will be Muv).