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Strain Species Genotype
BC3303 C. elegans egl-38(s1775) unc-22(s7) unc-31(e169) IV/nT1 (IV;V). Show Description
s1775 homozygotes die as embryos or L1 larvae. Heterozygous animals are WT and segregate WT, Twitcher lethals and dead eggs. nT1 appears to have a lethal mutation.
JH2471 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; axIs1775. Show Description
axIs1775 [pie-1p::GFP::histone H2B:gld-1 M1M2 3'utr + unc-119(+)]. Transgene is prone to silencing -- maintain at 25C. Pick wild-type worms to maintain.