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Strain Species Genotype
BC1912 C. elegans let-652(s1086) unc-22(s7) unc-31(e169)/nT1 IV; +/nT1 V. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, Egl, dead eggs and UncLets. Lethal early larval. Maintain by picking WT.
RW10867 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; itIs37 IV; stIs10116; stIs10867. Show Description
itIs37 [pie-1p::mCherry::H2B::pie-1 3'UTR + unc-119(+)] IV. stIs10116 [his-72(promoter)::his-24::mCherry::let-858 3'UTR + unc-119(+)]. stIs10867 [egl-5::TGF(7E3)::GFP::TY1::3xFLAG inserted into fosmid WRM0617dE06 as C-terminal protein fusion].