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Strain Species Genotype
PD2557 C. elegans rps-10(cc2557)/tmC20 [unc-14(tmIs1219) dpy-5(tm9715)] I. Show Description
Balancer recombination happens frequently at 23-25C, strain must be maintained at 16-20C. Homozygous lethal mutation balanced by Dpy- and myo-2p::Venus-marked inversion. Heterozygotes are non-Dpy with relatively dim pharyngeal GFP (Venus) expression, and segregate heterozygous non-Dpy Venus+, non-Venus cc2557 homozygotes (L1 arrest), and Dpy with brighter Venus+ (tmC20 homozygotes). Pick wild-type Venus(+) and check for proper segregation of progeny to maintain. cc2557 is an engineered mutation creating an early stop (T8*). Presumptive rps-10 null. Heterozygous rps-10(cc2557)/tmC20 animals are delayed in development. Reference: Cenik ES, et al. Dev Cell. 2019 Mar 25;48(6):811-826.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2019.01.019. PMID: 30799226.
RG3401 C. elegans rps-10(ve901[LoxP + myo-2p::GFP::unc-54 3' UTR + rps-27p::neoR::unc-54 3' UTR + LoxP])/hT1 [umnIs58] I; +/hT1 [unc-42(e270)] V. Show Description
umnIs58 [myo-2p::mKate2 + NeoR, V: 1005689 (intergenic)] V. Egl, Emb. Deletion of 479 bp with Calarco/Colaiacovo selection cassette conferring myo-2 GFP and G418 resistance inserted at break in parental strain N2. Heterozygotes are wild-type GFP+ mKate2+, and segregate wild-type GFP+ mKate2+, GFP+ non-mKate2 Egl adults that have no viable eggs or hatch a few sickly progeny (ve901 homozygotes), non-GFP mKate2+ arrested larvae (hT1 homozygotes), and dead eggs (aneuploids). Maintain by picking wild-type GFP+ and mKate2+. Left flanking Sequence: CATTTATTGTGGTGGTGGGGCTCCACGGCC; Right flanking sequence: AGGTACTCATAGATGAGCTTGGTGTGGCTT. rps-10 sgRNA A: GAATCCGGCTCTGTAGACTG; rps-10 sgRNA B: CAGTCACTCCCTCGTTGAAG. Please reference Au et al., G3 9(1): 135-144 2019 in any work resulting from use of this mutation.
WJA1025 C. elegans rps-10(srf1025[rps-10::3xHA]) I. Show Description
3xHA tag inserted at C-terminus of endogenous rps-10 locus. Some growth defects on its own, which can be exacerbated in conjunction with mutants of no-go mRNA decay factors. Reference: Monem PC et al. PLOS Genet. 2023 Jan 10;19(1):e1010577. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1010577. PMID: 36626369
WJA1097 C. elegans rps-10(srf0825[K125R]) rps-20(srf1046[K6R+K9R]) unc-54(srf1004[unc-54::T2A::FLAG::rareArg12::GFP]) I. Show Description
Nuclear body wall muscle GFP+.