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Strain Species Genotype
CG1 C. elegans lev-11(rg1) I; him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
Resistant to levamisole. Egl-d. Twitch at 25C. Long. Throws males.
CG1428 C. elegans tmc-1(rg1003) X. Show Description
rg1003 promotes development and male mating behavior on a chemically defined C. elegans maintenance medium (CeMM). Reference: Zhang L, et al. Nature Communications (2015) In press.
CZ4601 C. elegans syd-2(ju487) X. Show Description
ju487 is a gain-of-function allele of syd-2, changing Arg184 to Cys. Reference: Dai Y, et al. Nat Neurosci. 2006 Dec;9(12):1479-87. doi: 10.1038/nn1808. PMID: 17115037.
RG1228 C. elegans daf-9(rh50) X. Show Description
Hypomorphic allele. Temperature-sensitve Daf-c. Maintain at 15 C. Reference: Gerisch B, Antebi A. Development. 2004 Apr;131(8):1765-76.
WJA1004 C. elegans unc-54(srf1004[unc-54::T2A::FLAG::rareArg12::GFP]) I. Show Description
Unc. Reporter for no-go mRNA decay. Reference: Monem PC et al. PLOS Genet. 2023 Jan 10;19(1):e1010577. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1010577. PMID: 36626369.
WJA1097 C. elegans rps-10(srf0825[K125R]) rps-20(srf1046[K6R+K9R]) unc-54(srf1004[unc-54::T2A::FLAG::rareArg12::GFP]) I. Show Description
Nuclear body wall muscle GFP+.