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Strain Species Genotype
DV3800 C. elegans reSi2 II. Show Description
reSi2 [col-10p::TIR1::F2A::mTagBFP2::AID*::NLS::tbb-2 3'UTR] (II:0.77). Hypodermal-specific expression of TIR1 co-factor for AID, and tissue-specific AID-tagged blue protein in hypodermal nuclei.
ESC351 C. elegans rpoa-2(cse319[degron::GFP::rpoa-2]) I; reSi2 II. Show Description
reSi2 [col-10p::TIR1::F2A::mTagBFP2::AID*::NLS::tbb-2 3'UTR] (II:0.77). Maintain at 15-20C. Degron and GFP tag inserted at the N-terminus of the endogenous rpoa-2 locus. This strain can be used for auxin-inducible degradation (AID) of RPOA-2 in hypodermis. Reference: Zhao Q, et al. PLoS Biol. 2023 Aug 31;21(8):e3002276. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3002276. PMID: 37651423.