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Strain Species Genotype
LN130 C. elegans rcIs31II; ltIs37 IV. Show Description
rcIs31 [pie-1p::GFP::ubiquitin + unc-119] II. ItIs37 [pie-1p::mCherry::his-58 + unc-119(+)] IV. GFP::ubiquitin is visible in the germline when worms are grown at 25C. [NOTE: the ltIs37 [pie-1p::mCherry::his-58 + unc-119(+)] IV transgene was previously annotated as itIs37 in this strain. The correct name of the transgene is ltIs37 and not itIs37.] Reference: Al Rawi S, et al. Science. 2011 Nov 25;334(6059):1144-7.