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Strain Species Genotype
NK2902 C. elegans bmdSi15 I; rpl-31(qy189[rpl-31::ZF1::GFP11]) I; zif-1(gk117) III; qyIs463. Show Description
qyIs463 [lin-29p::zif-1::SL2::mCherry]. bmdSi15 [loxN + eef-1A.1p::GFP(1-10)::unc-54 3? UTR + let-858 terminator + myo-2p::mCherry::3xHA::tbb-2 3? UTR + loxP] I. bmdSi15 is a CRISPR-based integration into the ttTi4348 site (I:-5.32). ZF1 and split GFP tag (GFP11) inserted into the C-terminus of the endogenous rpl-31 locus.