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Strain Species Genotype
MQ130 C. elegans clk-1(qm30) III. Show Description
Maternally rescued slow growing strain. Grows better at 15C. See also WBPaper00002456.
MQ224 C. elegans clk-3(qm38) II; clk-1(qm30)/dpy-17(e164) III. Show Description
Develops slowly (clk-3(qm38) rate). clk-1(qm30) is maternally rescued. Segregates 1/4 Dpy progeny. To study clk-3; clk-1 doubles place WT worms singly onto plates-the clk doubles will throw no Dpys and their progeny develop extremely slowly (about 3 days to hatch and 10 days for postembryonic development)-they will be sterile when they finally become adults.
MQ920 C. elegans dsc-4(qm182) IV. Show Description
Defecation suppressor of clk-1(qm30).
DQM300 C. elegans egl-43(bmd88[LoxP::gfp::egl-43]) II. Show Description
GFP reporter inserted internally into endogenous egl-43 locus. Reference: Medwig-Kinney TN, et al. Development. 2020 Jan 2;147(1).