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Strain Species Genotype
JK6140 C. elegans nos-3(q902) II; qSi380 IV. Show Description
qSi380 [mex-5p::eGFP::3xOLASS::linker::his-58::MODC pest::3xboxb::tbb-2 3'UTR::SL2 trans-splice site::mCherry::3xV5::linker::his-58::MODC pest::mutant 3xboxb::tbb-2 3'utr::tbb-1 intergenic region] IV. Worms are fertile at 20C. Improved tethering assay for use in the C. elegans germline. GFP reporter mRNA is under control of a germline-expressed mex-5 promoter and has three boxB stem-loops in its 3'UTR. The RNA-binding protein (RBP) is tagged with lamda-N. The nascent transcript driven by mex-5 promoter is resolved by trans-splicing into two mRNAs that encode distinct reporters. The GFP reporter RNA has three functional boxB stem-loops in its 3'UTR; the mCherry reporter 3'UTR has three mutated boxB stem-loops that do not bind lamda-N and therefore provides an internal control. Addition of an OLLAS tag to GFP and a V5 tag to mCherry enables sensitive immunostaining and immunoblotting. Reference: Doenier J, et al. RNA. 2021 Jun;(6)643-652. PMID: 33727224.