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Strain Species Genotype
AM140 C. elegans rmIs132 I. Show Description
rmIs132 [unc-54p::Q35::YFP]. AM140 animals show a Q35::YFP progressive transition from soluble to aggregated as they age.
JK590 C. elegans glp-1(q35)/eT1 III; him-5(e1490)/eT1 V. Show Description
Heterozygotes are wild-type and segregate wild-type heterozygotes, glp-1(q35) homozygotes (Muv steriles), eT1 homozygotes (Unc-36), and males. glp-1(q35) has a semi-dominant multi-vulva phenotype as well as the loss-of-function Glp phenotype (sterility and embryonic lethality). The q35 mutation is a nonsense mutation that eliminates 122 C-terminal amino acids including a PEST sequence. The C terminus was thought to contain a negative regulatory domain that inactivates glp-1 in the VPCs; the inappropriate glp-1(q35) activity can substitute for lin-12 vulval fate determination. References: Austin J & Kimble J. Cell. 1987 Nov 20;51(4):589-99. Mango S, et al. Nature. 1991 Aug 29;352(6338):811-5.
AQ351 C. elegans bus-8A(lj22) X. Show Description
Skiddy, bleach-sensitive, drug-sensitive, Bus, resistant to Leucobacter Verde2, hypersensitive to Leucobacter Verde1. lj22 is a missense mutation (R32C) in bus-8A and might also affect bus-8B (out-of-frame 5'exon U1). Reference: Partridge et al. (2008) PMID: 18395708.