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Strain Species Genotype
JK3447 C. elegans fog-1(q250)/sep-1(e2406) I; fbf-1(ok91) fbf-2(q704)/mIn1 [mIs14 dpy-10(e128)] II. Show Description
To maintain, check individual fertile worms for both Sep and Fog offspring. sep-1 homozygotes are sterile at 20C and 25C (Sterile and Unc at 25C), and mostly normal at 15C. fog-1; fbf-1 fbf-2 homozygotes have small germ lines and are often Muv. Best to maintain at 25C for scoring. Do not distribute this strain; other labs should request it from the CGC. This strain cannot be distributed to commercial organizations. This strain cannot be used for any commercial purpose or for work on human subjects.
QQ250 C. elegans gin-1(cv10). Show Description
Gin is Glucose INtolerant. gin-1(cv10) is a Diet/nutrition-dependent maternal effect embryonic lethal. Lethality is significantly increased with growth on OP50 seeded on glucose supplemented plates. Grown on HB101, HT115 or fresh OP50 (seeded less than five days)