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Strain Species Genotype
PS4110 C. elegans kfIs1. Show Description
kfIs1[plc-1::GFP]. GFP is expressed in the adult hermaphrodite spermatheca.
PS4112 C. elegans plc-1(rx1) X; kfEx2. Show Description
kfEx2[plc-1(+) + sur-5::GFP]. plc-1(rx1) homozygotes are semi-Sterile. Animals with the array have normal brood size. To maintain, pick GFP+ worms. Do not distribute this strain; other labs should request it from the CGC. This strain cannot be distributed to commercial organizations. This strain cannot be used for any commercial purpose or for work on human subjects.
BC13488 C. elegans dpy-5(e907) I; sEx13488. Show Description
sEx13488 [rCesF31B12.1b::GFP + pCeh361]. Maintain by picking WT. WT animals are GFP+. Strain construction supported by Genome British Columbia and Genome Canada. Please acknowledge McKay et al, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 68: 159-169 2004 (WBPaper00006525).
JN1240 C. elegans plc-1(pe1238) X. Show Description
Presumptive null allele of plc-1. Shows a preference for low salt concentrations. Reference: Kunitomo H, et al., 2013, Nat Commun. 2013;4:2210. doi: 10.1038/ncomms3210.