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Strain Species Genotype
MQ466 C. elegans pigv-1(qm34) I. Show Description
Maternally rescued variable abnormal. Some embryonic lethality and a very high level of larval lethality. Head frequently deformed because the buccal cavity does not open at the tip of the head but ventrally, dorsally or laterally.
RG3139 C. elegans pigv-1(ve639[LoxP + myo-2p::GFP::unc-54 3' UTR + rps-27p::neoR::unc-54 3' UTR + LoxP])/hT1[umnIs58] I; +/hT1[unc-42(e270)] V. Show Description
umnIs58 [myo-2p::mKate2 + NeoR, V: 1005689 (intergenic)] V. Homozygous sterile. Deletion of 2451 bp with Calarco/Colaiacovo selection cassette conferring myo-2 GFP and G418 resistance inserted at break in parental strain N2. Heterozygotes are wild-type GFP+ mKate2+, and segregate wild-type GFP+ mKate2+, GFP+ non-mKate2 sterile adults (ve639 homozygotes), non-GFP mKate2+ arrested larvae (hT1 homozygotes), and dead eggs (aneuploids). Maintain by picking wild-type GFP+ and mKate2+. Left flanking Sequence: tattgatctgttttctaaaatgattaatac ; Right flanking sequence: cattaattaatttccttatccgtttaacta. Please reference Au et al., G3 9(1): 135-144 2019 in any work resulting from use of this mutation.