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Strain Species Genotype
DCR3791 C. elegans pfk-1.1(ola72) X. Show Description
Diffuse distribution of synaptic vesicle markers (SNB-1, CAT-1, and RAB-3) under hypoxic conditions. pfk-1.1(ola72) causes C562Y missense mutation. Reference: Jang et al. Neuron. 2016 Apr 20;90(2):278-91.
NK2780 C. elegans qySi564 I. Show Description
qySi564 [lin-29p::pfk-1.1::mNG +loxP] I. Single-copy insertion. Anchor cell-specific expression of the mNG-tagged glycolytic enzyme PFK-1.1 forms localized puncta at the site of invasion. Reference: Garde A, et. al. Dev. Cell. 2022 Mar 28;57(6):732-749.e7. PMID: 35316617